Fossil 1954 For Women Body Fragrance Oil (W) TYPE* ScentaRomaOils Scent Version MAH001


Fossil 1954 For Women Body Fragrance Oil (W) TYPE*

ScentaRomaOils Scent Version MAH001

Plastic Squirt Bottle is for the 4 oz size

The ladies’ fragrance, 1954 for Women, is designed as a refreshing floral scent, in contrast to the rough and masculine woody notes. 

  • The fragrance opens with a fresh blend of mandarin and sparkling chords of grapefruit. The citrusy cocktail in the top notes is spiced up with pink pepper and ginger, aromas that contribute to its sexy nuances. 
  • The heart of the fragrance emphasizes floral notes of rose petals and white freesia, framed by mountain juniper berries, which play with unisex heart notes. 
  • The base is made of cedar from Texas, highlighting the unique style of the Fossil brand.  Cedar is mixed with white amber, sandalwood and bamboo, which provides depth, warmth and gives a distinctive creamy effect.

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